An elegant form of Japanese Bodywork

The truth of where Shiatsu has come from is lost in time.

It is now a fusion of:

  • 2500 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine theory
  • Japanese healing bodywork
  • Tao philosophy
  • Quantum mechanics


Feel the ripples move through your life

Shiatsu isn’t just a massage but a transforamtional tool to help you make the most of your life.

We all have baggage and there are times when we need to move on with our lives but are held back by ourselves. Shiatsu helps to release trapped emotional, physical and spiritual baggage.

Lets cut to the chase how can Shiatsu really help you!

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or social awkwardness, do you want to step past the veil that holds you back from your full potential?


An amazing treatment. Smoothed the edges beautifully! Bryn creates as safe space in which I could let go and relax completely. What a skillful practitioner! thank-you so much.


Thank-you Bryn for creating a safe, still space for me to receive deep healing & re-connect at a deeper level. you have a beautiful combination of intuitive touch and meridian based work which has left me refreshed, engaged and feeling ready to enjoy the world around me.


I have never had a shiatsu before and I really enjoyed it. I have been over working myself and I felt like all the blocks and aches are flowing normally.


This is a beautiful and relaxing therapy. I couldn’t have asked for a better therapist.

Thank-you for making me feel much better and lifting a heavy weight from me.